Artists and producers Dodo & Lander releasing a new EP! It is a bigger size package containing three tracks of various styles and music videos made to them. That “music” part´s release date is 7th of august 2013. From music videos, only the second part called “Home” is published yet.

A powerful idea was born in the native land. To immortalize the pictures of hometown in such manner, that we could not see up to now. Ruzomberok Trilogy from Dodo & Lander is ready! Completely not yet published, but it already has rich recent history.

Dodo & Lander - Ruzomberok Trilogy

Originally, it has to be only a single track with a single music video dedicated to Ružomberok. It was beautiful, dynamic, especially attractive to young modern generation. “Of course, we as artists began to tickle that some beautiful images were presented very briefly and the volume of video RAW material was still to spare”. It was time to ask: What to do with that? Of Course, with feedback from many great people it did not last long, when the idea about a trilogy surfaced.

Dodo & Lander - Ruzomberok Trilogy

Name of the first part of the trilogy is “Dreamer”, images there are alternating the seasons accompanied by massive music. The second said part “Home” has true power of Trance genre and admirable dynamic character. The trilogy is finished with pleasant chillout tunes and with speed of the images that are in contrast to the rhythm of music. Title of this third part is “Silence”.

The vocal addition have ensured vocalists: Dalila, Patris and Mia Melody. This new EP is yet available in digital distribution on such portals as iTunes, BeatPort, Amazon, JunoDownload, etc. Ruzomberok Trilogy was actually the impetus for launching a large-scale project called “Awakening” (“Prebúdzanie” in Slovak). This project now holds 12 previously unpublished music videos, which awaits grand premiere this fall.